Thursday, August 11, 2011

Changing Face of Facebook….

Facebook and the Changing Face

As we know that Facebook has acquired the half of share among all social media sites in the world of Social Media. Now people have become addicted to it, meanwhile why not so? It’s the main Social media sites having enormous global audiences. I think internet savvy must login in facebook at least one time in a day. They love to share they wish, uploads photos, videos and many more.

Well through this post I would like to share my personal experience about facebook which I have been seeing for last 2 years. Facebook is changing gradually; lots of changes have been introduced in last two years. Now a day’s facebook has lots of updates. Its face is changing regularly; it has divided in slices for user convenient few months ago.  The left navigational (chat section) has changes and now it again divided in two parts. Well now the upper part of the right navigational area is for quick status updates and the lower part is for chatting buddy with smooth scrolling buttons.

Now I think it is better than previous one. Now its smooth and scrolling icon added the thrilling experience to work with. Whether it is scrolling wall, updates or the scrolling chat section all are fantastic.

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