Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Twitter Launched New Interface with Slight Changes

Changes are the part of life and of course it is applicable to the whole industry too. With the rapid growth of technology and the necessity of people it has become important to update their services. You may lose your valuable customer if you will not update with the time and requirement of the people. You may lose the trust of the people. So, changes are always welcome.
New Interface Look

Recently, twitter one of the most popular micro blogging site, has launched its new interface with some creative changes for the web version. As you must have noticed, the new interface of web version, it has now more “whitened” look. The white boxes appear more joined, giving more space for texts.
The update also has a more prominent home bar for logged-in users. The bar allows you to tap on Home or different options to use and access it for various purposes. It follows the order starting from home, connect, discover & me in the left side of bar whereas 4 options in the right side of the bar. Here “Connect” shows who has mentioned, while “Discover” displays Twitter's trending tags.

New Tweet Box
Moreover, twitter has positioned its logo in the center of the page. The right side of the top bar features search box, Direct Messages button and Settings button. At the right most, you have the Compose button. When you will click on compose button a new tweet box appears with the background & having related features.

Earlier, designing background for twitter profile was not so easy. Designers used to face lots of trouble while customizing the design. Probably new features will help designers too to customize the theme more effectively. So, let’s explore & welcome the new interface of twitter with lovely twits. I will be waiting for your valuable feedback friends. So, please do not hesitate to share your thoughts. Good Luck..!!

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