Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How to Get Ethical Traffic to Your Website?

Getting ethical traffic for the website has always been a challenging task for webmasters in the world of internet marketing. Also, there is no rocket science to get this in just few days. However, it needs proper strategy and action plan to work. Meanwhile, you should spend appropriate time to analyze your target audience first. If you have done it means half of your marathon is complete now. So, I’m listing here few important points for getting traffic and hope this will help you to win the battle.

Optimize Your Website Properly: Most of the webmasters just optimize few important pages of the site. As we know website optimization is the most important factor and it plays very significant role for search engines and also to grab the attention of the visitor. So, optimize more pages as much as you can. Always remember a well organized and optimized website will always attract more audience. You should optimize your website for audiences not only for the search engines. That means each and every section of your website like navigation; theme, header, footer & the body part should be clear, informative & easily accessible.

Content Will Always Be King: We all know content play a vital role for a website to get good amount of visitors and links. When you put the reasonable effort in creating and promoting great pieces of content, you will be able to grab the attention of audience everywhere. So, write & share the original content through blogs, articles, feeds, press releases & more places as much as you can. Create your own blog if possible and do regular post as this is the best way to promote your service or brand.

Social Share & Engagement: You should add social sharing buttons on your website. This will help you to engage more people to your site. They will reach to your social profiles and probably the can follow you. Also there are chances to ask you a question in social profiles like facebook & twitter. So, whenever you get chance to interact try to provide valuable information as much as you can. This will surely improve your brand value and doing so will earn both for you website traffic and a customer for future.

Share Your Presentations: People love to get information through PPT & slides so it is always beneficial for the webmasters. You can create & share unique presentation for your services, products and any other related information of your website to attract more visitors. Websites like Slideshare, Scribd can help you to increase both brand reputation and website’s traffic.

Share Infographics: Visual information of anything can grab more attention than any textual one. It is very common phenomena that people love to see & read the information present on infographs. So, create and share unique infographs whenever possible, this will be always beneficial to attract more visitors to your site. There are lots of Free/Paid infographics tools available and you can find easily through Google.

Create & Promote Your Videos: Video marketing has become most effective way to attract visitors now a day. You can create promotional videos and share it through various video promotion sites. However, YouTube is one of the best video sharing sites and you can use it for your brand awareness and valuable traffic. Create an appealing channel and promote your videos here. You can also run a paid campaign on YouTube.

Write Guest Posts: Guest post can bring lots of ethical traffic to your website. Ask other websites in your industry if you can write guest posts for their blogs. This is good way to build your authority and brand value in the World Wide Web.

These are the last but not the least and by following these points you can get good amount of traffic to your website. Also do not engage with any unethical techniques as that may be very harmful for your website and Google can penalize them also. Thanks for your valuable time. Your suggestions are always welcome. Please share your feedback through comment. Cheers!!


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